Ensuring machine availability, reducing maintenance costs

Ensuring maximum machine availability with minimum maintenance effort – which manufacturing company doesn’t dream about this? With a TPM system from S + P the dream becomes reality.

In the daily operations of a manufacturing company, frequent unscheduled machine downtimes and delays due to repairs and maintenance can be a cause of delayed product delivery to the customer. In order to compensate for these failures, additional work must often be done. This not only results in higher costs, but usually also in dissatisfied employees. With Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), employees perform simple maintenance tasks on the equipment. The time thus gained in maintenance can then be used to systematically optimize the machines. However, not only production and maintenance are involved; areas such as launch management, industrial engineering or logistics also work closely together in a TPM system to continuously develop the machine park.

The implementation of a TPM system in your company enables you to make optimum use of the potential of your plant and equipment. Both machine availability and maintenance efficiency are maximized. Customers for whom we have implemented TPM have been able to increase their machine availability by up to 30% while reducing maintenance costs by up to 20%.

In addition to defining and implementing an individual TPM system, we also use our digital tools to support you on your way to Smart Maintenance. Thanks to many years of experience in the introduction of work and management systems, we not only keep an eye on maintenance systems – we also take all facets of your production system into account. This way, we ensure the TPM system is optimally integrated as part of a holistic production – a sustainable added value for your company.


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