Improvement by Rethinking

In our Lean Office Workshop, we point out to you the massive potential hiding in your office organization. Our approach for a modern and effective office world is based on the following principles: elimination of walls and obstacles, short distances, flexible and non-personal workplaces, supply of project rooms respectively communication spaces and the standardization of required office utensils. Those measures guarantee an optimized communication and enable individual meetings of different work groups with a common goal in mind. In a Lean Office, changing project teams can be temporarily united and are free to join other processes after the completion of their tasks – the person-related workplace fades into the background. Planning and realization of a Lean Office requires rethinking, which relates not only to the different usage possibilities of office spaces, but which has to take place in the minds first. During the Lean Office Workshop, you will experience the path of rethinking guided by several examples and Learning Cells.

Application in:

Engineering > Designing