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From Inside Out – The System Factory

The efficiency of production processes and the versatility of the factory structure are the two cornerstones in the design of our system factories. Our strong community of various disciplines and the resulting holistic performance interlinking let you profit from valuable synergies. The combination of our Expert knowledge creates results which define future standards and ensure a lasting advantage for you.
Our design work always follows the principle "From Inside Out". Space and climate of all buildings are determined by the human, the process sequences, and the flows of material, information and energy.

Architecture therefore follows the optimal usage requirements, which we bring together to an intelligent, coherent ensemble. Our competent planning team guarantees a professional project management in every project. We plan, steer and coordinate responsibly and secure the compliance with deadlines, costs and quality.

The achievement of the objectives set together with you is made transparent in every design step. Smart solutions in your advantage and a real added value are the results of our work as we begin planning at the right spot and thereby avoid unnecessary expenses.