S + P Integrated


Lean Office

Relocating the office to the BuchHaus in Cologne S + P realized the vision of an own lean office. The concept focusses on the human being and the communication culture. This strengthens the exchange and the cooperation between the employees and enables a creative and flexible mode of operation. In flexible and variable rooms motivating workplaces came into existence where team-oriented working processes – and not the hierarchy – shape the room situation. During the implementation a lot of parameters to increase wellness and thus performance of employees were taken into account: good indoor climate, optimal light conditions, ergonomic office furniture, high quality equipment, low noise level by acoustic measures and short distances.

Lean Office

The characteristic element of the lean office is the non-territorial working environment with neutral workplaces (desk-sharing) arranged in standardized groups. Precondition was the already practiced clean desk policy – completely cleared desks at the end of work. This is optimal for a consultant’s workday because he only works in the head quarter from time to time. According to project demand appropriate expert teams spontaneously come together so that the team effectiveness is optimized by short channels of communication and the office space is used efficiently. Furthermore there are project-, creative- and rest areas to support the working processes. Cockpits for undisturbed working and telephoning as well as areas for spontaneous communication were established because good ideas often originate from informal talks.