S + P Integrated


Design Idea Lean. Green. Clean.

The HARTMANN group was given the “Querdenker” Award in the “Excellence Category” for the Medical Innovation Center which was planned by a team of Hartmann employees and engineers from Dr. Schönheit + Partner (S + P) at the Hartmann headquarter in Heidenheim according to the basic design principles Lean - Green – Clean. Simple “Lean“-structures in production create an environment for top performance. Sustainable and changeable rooms stand for “Green” - with two efficient cleanrooms for wound dressing products and sets for the operating room. The integration of a faithful reproduction of an operating room into the “Clean” production offers the unique opportunity to experience product and flexible set production very closely to the customers. The innovation dialogue takes place immediately with the customer at the process. The planners as well as Hartmann are proud of a Lean Factory in the middle of Germany and “Made in Germany”.

Involvement of People in the Change Process

In the various HOAI phases of integrated factory planning LEAN process experts, production planners, architects, safety experts, quality managers, logistics experts, computer scientists, technicians, engineers and ventilation experts work together on an interdisciplinary basis. The 6-phase model of integrated factory planning as well the permanent involvement of employees concerned, are the factors for acceptance and success of a Lean Factory. Hartmann followed new paths. All employees were able to shape actively their own workplace of the future and experience processes in learning cells. In the planning process all material- and information flows - starting from the customer order through acceptance of goods, warehousing, production, up to delivery - are analyzed according to the value stream design approach. All inefficiencies were removed, possible sources of errors eliminated together with Hartmann employees and implemented without consideration of past technical restrictions step by step as ideal processes.

Symbiosis of Production, Office and Logistics

The logistical and production relevant processes as well as the synergetic use of sales and administration area in close proximity to production define the layout and thus the arrangement of all functional areas. S + P developed the office concept based on the Open Space and Clean Desk approach. At any time employees of the administrative department are able to see from their working place into the production and even look outside. All areas were planned according to the latest findings of Lean Management. In a multi-flexible picking line operation sets are packed with the highest level of variance. The mechanical production area for innovative wound coverage follows up the flexibility concept by consistent modularization. The central logistics supply both areas according to an obvious pulling principle, based on the smallest material range with a Milk-Run system.

To emphasize the sustainability of the building concept the storage and production building which was unused for two years was gutted. The windowless façade was almost completely renewed, enhanced according trendsetting energy efficiency concepts and flooded with daylight by large window and roof apertures.

Communication with Customers and Visitors

Now the visitors enter the transparent factory – without having to change clothes – by a routing system which does not cross the employee and production flow. On a specially constructed gallery a window front extending down to the floor offers a clear view from above on all production lines for modern wound dressings without having to enter the cleanroom.

In the field of operation sets a faithful reproduction of an operating room with all necessary equipment and facilities was integrated into the production of customized operation sets.

Out of this operation room you also have a clear view through floor-level windows on the production area of the operation sets and vice versa. Thus the customer directly sees where his product is manufactured as well as the production staff sees where “his” product is used. The operating room in production is used to make the procedures even more efficient by direct dialogue. The operation sets can be tried out directly “fresh from the production line” (without real patients of course).

The combination of Lean Production, innovation and dialogue with the customer directly in the production made it possible to reinvent sustainably “Made in Germany” even for mass products in the cost-driven health care market. Another successful Lean Factory realized in the location Germany!