S + P Engineering


Paint Production: Installation Engineering Meets Architecture

By the construction of the production plant for micro-layer corrosion protection systems (MKS-system) including a warehouse for burnable liquids and pastes in the centre of Herdecke site, it was achieved to combine the installation-intense paint production with a clear and structured statement of architecture.

The new facility, which differs drastically from its outer appearance from the existing facilities, a base stone was set for a new corporate architecture concept. Further challenges were mastered by implementing highest safety standards and by designing a production facility for the employees combining tacked processes.

total invest approx. 12 mio. €,
total area: approx. 4,300 m²,
duration of planning: 12 months, duration of construction: 13 months,
finalization: January 2009, ramp-up: 3 months

Paint Production: Installation Engineering Meets Architecture

The result was a paint production, in which the production flow is directed from the top to the bottom following the flow direction of liquid materials. Starting at the reception area on the 1st floor (ground level on the hillside, direct access for trucks) the raw material is brought by forklifts and elevators to the 2nd floor or is stored in tanks. From there the liquids flow via tubes to the mixer and the packaging area which is on ground floor next to the expedition area. This area is integrated like a bridge into the building securing the storage requirements for the final product (temperature, humidity). Several explosion protection zones, an overall area CO² fire extinguish system and special ceilings prepared for heavy duty transport is provided by the new facility including a proper HVAC system designed for paint production.


1. General planner from structural planning to ramp-up,

2. Planning of production facilities,

3. Plant engineering,

4. Architecture,

5. Project Management,

6. Statics,

7. HVAC,

8. Construction physics