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A Stepwise Support of People During the Change Process

The Benchmark Factory, the factory for implants of the Aesculap AG, in Tuttlingen, has been put to the test and turned inside out with the entire team. To ensure a sustainable success, all administrative and operations functions have been involved in the project and the change process from the beginning. Each gave his contribution to an overall closed system - from the plant manager, the segment manager, group masters, dispatchers, to the workers.

The establishment of the learning cell approach was the key to the acceptance of new processes. The approach demonstrated that it is possible to regulate the factory within an overall process with clear responsibilities, rules and ranges.

Film Benchmark Factory

Interview Dr. Schulz

Interview Dr. Schönheit

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The Eye Controls the Factory

The overall production and logistics system brings the material to flow. Each movement creates values.

There is a clear division of responsibility for the manufacturing and logistics process. The logisticians are on a route logistics, assisted by a range list on the laptop in order to ensure the material availability. This occurs in up to 30 operations for several thousand product variants. The range list and a simple, effective and visual control over all stages of production contribute to the Ideal - a factory controlled by the eye.

Site-Development-Planning for Aesculap/Malaysia

For Aesculap site in Penang, Malaysia Dr. Schönheit + Partner performed in addition to a site-development-planning an optimization of production and logistics according to the Lead-to-Lean®-Method. Following a pull-principle, both concepts put the former mostly static raw- and intermediate-products into a flow-situation. For the first time a takted line for surgical instruments was planned. The installed pilot perimeters, called „learning cells“, underline 30% increase of productivity and 75% of lead-time-reduction. By relocation into the new production facility additional ramp-up effects are expected.