S + P Integrated


Holistic Performance Out of One Hand

For Leybold, one of the largest suppliers of vacuum pumping systems, S + P provided a structural planning to implement a new lean-logistics-centre on the site in the south of Cologne. The new construction was allocated directly in the center of surrounding production facilities, to shorten routing and decrease buffers, lead-time etc. All S+P units (plant engineering, architecture, and project management) are at service in combination contributing to optimized assembly and logistics processes.

total area: 3,900 m²,
invest: approx. 10 mio. €,
duration: 12 months incl. warehouse technics,
planned finalization: October 2013

Architecture Follows Function

The design of the new building follows the outward geometry of the existing facilities. The different areas of the lean-logistics-centre are defined by the architectural design: The warehouse area including 3 different storage facilities and the functional areas (reception / expedition / entrance and waiting zone / picking area etc.) can be distinguished clearly by height and design of the facade; forming one single entity. Both areas are interconnected by a glass interface.

warehouse area: 1,904 m²,
functional areas: 1,224 m²

The Blue Collar in the Focus of Design

The second level administration area is allocated above the reception-expedition-zone and stretches inside the building on top of the marketplace for material. By an interconnection made of glass and transparent roofing, the functional areas are provided with natural daylight. Offices and social areas are designed transparently for support eye-to-eye-contact to the marketplace. Designed on base of the open-space-principle, the administration area provides open offices, communication areas, think-tank-areas etc.

Administration area: 478