Cologne, June 5, 2020 – The BARTEC EXCELLENCE SYSTEM (BES) offers a simple systemic approach with which people can create value in all operational processes of a production plant with every movement. What is special about the development of this integrated production and operation system is that it works at different international sites according to a common standard. This applies to production and logistics as well as to administrative and engineering processes. The focus here is on a successful change process towards simple and meaningful work processes and value streams.

The consultants from Dr. Schönheit + Partner (S + P) develop a work and management system individually tailored to the production company based on the given corporate goals and key figures together with employees and managers. S + P is a coach and a qualified expert that offers a roll-out model and actively supports every employee in the implementation. The result is an intelligent production or operating system for more flexibility, efficiency, productivity, and quality that employees and middle managers understand and put into practice. Taking responsibility in the process is fun – with a system.

For the world market leader in explosion protection, BARTEC Top Holding GmbH (Bartec), S + P successfully developed an integrated production system based on the Lead-to-Lean® approach "Lead to simple" in 2019 and introduced it in parallel at six sites worldwide (Germany , Slovenia, Italy, Singapore). In this report from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Dalhöfer, COO and Managing Director, BARTEC Top Holding GmbH, you will find what the S + P Excellence System at BARTEC is about and what effects have been achieved through its implementation in the process.

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