S + P is there for you!


Cologne, March 31, 2020 – At Dr. Schönheit + Partner we continue to be there for our clients in these challenging times. The majority of our team works in the home office due to current security measures in the fight against the corona virus. We are well networked and are in constant exchange with each other and our customers – via virtual meeting, e-mail or telephone. Of course, this changes the working relationship with our partners in our projects.

In the next few weeks, we will provide an insight into how we continue to successfully advance topics and exploit opportunities together:

Lead to Lean® Assessment via video conference? Sure!

Architectural planning in the BIM model from the home office? With us yes!

Future Hospital more up-to-date than ever? Let's implement it!

Blended learning – Qualification as an S + P Lean Coach? Worthwhile!

Office workshop in a virtual meeting? Open up new perspectives!


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