Modern office structures


Cologne, June 26, 2020 – The innovative S + P Office concepts "Open Space" and "Creative Space" are office structures designed to promote the agility and creativity of employees and to simplify communication with each other. With "Creative Space", an additional spatial environment was created in which customers, employees and partners can work creatively on solutions and projects as well as business and technology transformations. Personal interaction has always been the main focus.

In our own offices in Cologne, we experience that effective and efficient working in a modern office concept can continue to function well despite distance and restrictions on personal contact. This is because S + P has developed and tested a comprehensive hygiene concept for "Open Space" and "Creative Space". It includes, among other things, compliance with distance rules by defining usable workstations, marking them for disinfection after use and a rolling occupancy concept in connection with home office.

In our "Creative Space" we have tested a workshop organization under observance of all hygiene measures in the form of a learning center and transferred it into regular operation. This allows our project teams to work together again being present on-site if required. And what is even more important: We can again take action with our customers and partners in our Creative Space. This is possible with a team on-site as well as in combined groups with additional online participants.

We are looking forward to many exciting encounters at S + P in Cologne!


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