Lean Logistics in the Service Sector

Lean Logistics in the University Hospital Cologne

Together with the management of the University Hospital Cologne Cologne S + P developed a new logistics strategy. The essential element is to contribute to an increase of quality in patient care by logistics.

Based on this logistics strategy a system of indicators with cross-functional and process-oriented logistics key figures was developed. First it was realized and tested in learning stations and study areas. Besides the central areas pharmacy, warehouse, procurement, sterile services, kitchen and transport, further selected nursing wards and OP areas were chosen as learning stations and thus as pioneers inside the change process “Management by Objectives and Key Figures”.

By measuring the process quality and efficiency by means of logistics key figures, many people developed a basic understanding for the whole logistics process. Thereby the process was made transparent and the participants became aware of their own influence on it.  As an example, the number of individual orders per week could be greatly reduced.

In the meantime the subsequent and comprehensive implementation of the system across all departments within more than 54 areas of responsibility (general ward, intensive care unit and all OP areas) is in full progress. The single processes are networked by logistics chains to an overall process. Upon project completion several thousand employees of the University Hospital Cologne will benefit from the new logistics concept.

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