Have you already positioned yourself concerning INDUSTRY 4.0?

S + P model INDUSTRY 4.0 supports you

If you are confronted with the term INDUSTRY, the inevitable questions arise: “Are my working methods still up-to-date? Is there any risk to miss the boat?” Often it appears as if  other companies were more advanced with regard to networking and digitalization.

The personal environment with smart phone, tablet PCs or ordering of products via the Internet has taken on such dimensions that we could or even have to apply that in our method of working.

To assist you in your operational environment, we have developed a system with an integrated view to evaluate INDUSTRY 4.0 for you and your actions. We succeeded in connecting and evaluating INDUSTRY 4.0 with our well-known Lead to Lean® methods.

In the meantime the S + P model INDUSTRY 4.0 has been created which is able to support you to make your decisions in significant planning and management areas. In this model we have structured the world of factories in operation and planning of a smart factory. We have developed a whole series of digital instruments as cyber physical systems. This helps to generate acceptance for the factory of the future in the planning stage but also to perform fine adjustments with the planner and consultant.

If you are interested in an Impulse Workshop INDUSTRY 4.0, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +49 (0)221-71060 or by mail. We will show you the state of the art and would be pleased to evaluate your requirements related to INDUSTRY 4.0 pragmatically and systematically in a joint assessment. Do the right thing!

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