Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH

In close exchange with management and employees

Grünbeck operates in the market for water treatment. Running sites inside and outside of Germany, Grünbeck delivers its treatment and softening plants to commercial, industrial and private customers. In the beginning of 2017, Grünbeck contacted us with the goal to increase productivity in their operations processes. The fundamental premise was to achieve this in cooperation with all employees but not on their expense.

The new Grünbeck Operations System (GOS) was developed in close exchange with the management as well as the employees. In the next step the status quo production processes were analysed using value stream mapping and the potentials of reducing waste and increasing the share of value adding activities were revealed. This was the foundation for creating the softliQ-assembly concept corresponding to Lead to Lean®- principles (Value, Flow, Pull, Simple, Robust, Synchronous). These principles help to prevent waste in material and information flows, reduce the lead time, and increase the share of value adding activities.

We are pleased to accompany the company Grünbeck on their way to a new operations system - a new systemic order that is supported by all employees and that has already achieved successes after a short while.



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