Corona Exit Strategy


The thought model of the opportunity makers from Cologne:

What will be different for production companies?
How do we reap benefits first or at least end up as a winner in the new way of things?

Sun comes after rain. After a crisis, there is a fresh start. So far, there has always been a turnaround after each recession. This wisdom is not new. In view of the many crisis scenarios I have heard, it seemed necessary for me to talk more about starting a new normal way in the world of production and to make the future possible.

Recipe for success for PRODUCTION in order to recover after the crisis


We from Dr. Schönheit + Partner see 10 thematic areas for which a production company must already prepare:

  1. IN-HOUSE MANUFACTURING will increase significantly, if producers want to be more independent in crises, they need to secure their supply chains in the market and to their customers.

  2. SUPPLY CHAINS of suppliers to production plants and from production to the end customer will be reduced by at least 35%!

  3. DECISIONS on RELOCATION of value chains from developing nations close to Germany and increased plant closures are getting near. Make-or-buy scenarios will also favor German production sites. The new border controls are speeding up this process.

  4. HOME OFFICE will become the standard for over 40% of German employees. This new world of work will significantly change the amount of office space and interior design. Open space, creative space, desk sharing complement each other with a kind of extended workbench for mobile work in co-working spaces anywhere in the world.

  5. WORKING TIME FLEXIBILITY in administrative processes will be rethought. The 30-40% performance reserves in the admin process become visible and tangible. How can we dedicate them to future growth, bundle them and structure them sustainably?

  6. DIGITALIZATION is accelerated in such a way that those who have not done their homework are already at a disadvantage in the crisis.

  7. AUTOMATION and STANDARDIZATION of repetitive processes as well as processes that are subject to high quality standards are raised to a new level. A great opportunity for medium-sized industries focused on information and control technology as well as for producers in Germany.

  8. LEADERSHIP CULTURE redistributes responsibility. The many web-based team conferences already require a new communication and cooperative management method.

  9. CREATIVITY for the newly formed business opportunities and joy of action of a new generation of entrepreneurs decide on sustainable success.

  10. TIME-to-MARKET as a decisive factor for production-related development models for strong service producers. The platform strategy, modular products, customizing with standards for production and supply chains with maximum individuality of product configuration for the end customer offer the answers.

„As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.“
said Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

If you want to find out how you can make your future possible with this EXIT STRATEGY in your production plant, we can offer you, as an Operations System consultant, a helping hand.

Contact us. Dr. Schönheit + Partner from Cologne.

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