Moderators as Mediators of Values

A professional integrated comprehension of the contents is a major plus for every moderator even though he basically has to remain neutral regarding decisions and formation of opinion. Here, our experienced project controllers offer a wealth of experience in various project situations or issues - even as an individual performance in projects we are otherwise not involved in. To create value for our client, we add acceleration to your project situation by inciting competent project participants to deliver top performances and leading them to a common agreement - as an acceptable compromise for your requirements and interests.


  • Expectation management between building owner and planning team
  • Balancing the interests of different building owner institutions (construction department, user, investor)
  • Moderation of negotiations between general contractor and client
  • Moderation of strategy workshops accompanying the construction project to define and examine objectives and - if necessary - evaluate risks
  • Technical moderation of difficult issues such as options for expense reduction or technical alternatives