Guidance for Complex Projects

Especially concerning medium and large building projects, complex project tasks are allocated to a general contractor (GC). It means the project instances building owner and planning team are supplemented by this third partner. Normally, the GC develops the construction planning, coordinates the partner companies and ensures the management at the building site. He first implements his own interests in the construction planning usually aiming at an optimal efficient construction process. In view of the realization of quality specifications, it is important to support the building owner in steering the general contractor. Here, Dr. Schönheit + Partner offer the commercial and technical overall management as individual performance. We organize the change order management (costs), check the invoices and construction progress (deadlines) and evaluate deviating planning proposals made by the GC (risks). We answer construction specific questions and develop decision templates for the building owner. In case of change requests we evaluate the claims made by the GC with regard to effort, costs and completion date and negotiate those aspects in realistic dimensions reverting to our expert know-how.